Why move to a retirement village?


Moving to a retirement village gives older Australians the social connections that are vital to postive ageing.

We all know that life is better when it’s shared with loved ones and that social interaction can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of seniors. This becomes more apparent as we get older. According to Professor Michael Nilsson, Director of the Hunter Medical Research Institute and University of Newcastle, our brains are wired for social interaction, so we unconsciously yearn for connection.

So, what can we do to keep ourselves socially active as we age?

Many retirees have found that living in a retirement community with like-minded people has been beneficial for their health and wellbeing. This is especially true at Aveo Hunters Green. You can be as social as you like, with a wide range of facilities and activities available to you and the option to have friends and family visit anytime. It’s a place where a conversation turns into a connection, where life-long friends are made and the entire community looks out for each other.

Community Manager Zelda Horner said many retirees love the ’lock-up and leave’ lifestyle, as it allows them to travel and spend time away from home without the stress of the safety and security of their home. There are also financial benefits to downsizing, as selling the family home can free up capital to fund holidays and new hobbies.

Ms Horner said many retirees also love having access to amenities like a swimming pool, gym and bowling green without being responsible for their upkeep.

Aveo Hunters Green is at 2 Rochester Parade, Cranbourne East. Visit www.aveo.com.au or call 8573 8288 to book a guided tour.