Innovation for an easier life


The name Bosch is known worldwide as a brand of excellent quality and reliability. Harvey Norman Fountain Gate has the largest display of Bosch appliances in the South East.

Bosch is Europe’s leading household appliances manufacturer. Its products are based exclusively on the real requirements of modern households. Thanks to trendsetting technology and surprisingly simple solutions, they effortlessly achieve perfect results and simplify everyday life. In addition, high quality, precisely finished materials and a timeless, internationally acclaimed design ensure noticeable quality and sustainability.

A recognised high service quality cements the trust of the user in the brand and underpins the Bosch guiding principle – ’Invented for life’.


Dreaming of a new kitchen? Say hello to the stylish new black glass ovens from Bosch. Combining a sleek, premium design with intuitive features, the new Series 8 black glass ovens provide a contemporary edge to your kitchen design. Perfect for those looking for something different.

Bosch home appliances are designed to make your everyday life at home easier. Figuring out the exact cooking settings for each dish can often be difficult. The oven’s Assist function makes cooking easier than ever and helps you select the exact cooking settings at the push of a button. Simply choose the desired dish in the control panel and leave the rest to your oven. It automatically selects the ideal heating mode, temperature and preparation time. Thanks to the integrated roasting and baking sensors, the oven constantly checks the cooking process of the food for you and automatically adjusts the settings for an optimal outcome. The Assist function guarantees you perfect dishes – at the push of a button.

The clever added steam function also adds bursts of moisture to your cooking so you can create succulent roasts with ease, ideal for every family. Cooking with Bosch is the easy way to perfect results.


Bosch washing machines with i-DOS automatic dosing set the precise amount of detergent for you, down to the nearest millilitre – and it only takes the touch of a button. Fill up once for up to 26 washes*

Electrical proprietor Grant Hammond said the choice of appliances was an important part of any new build or renovation.

“Bosch is certainly one of the market leaders and we are proud to stock their exceptional appliances here at Fountain Gate,“ Mr Hammond said.

To experience Bosch’s ’promise of quality’ for yourself visit the team at Harvey Norman Fountain Gate. Expert staff are always on hand to answer questions.

*26 washes based on OMO Ultimate Liquid Detergent – average 50ml dose for a normal load.