Financial peace of mind


There are many financial benefits to living in a retirement community as the team at Aviva Communities Officer explain.

Protecting a hard earned nest-egg or maximising how far the pension can stretch is on most people’s mind as they consider their living arragements in retirement. Having some fun is also on people’s mind.

So how do you balance your aspirations with practical things like managing a budget? Here’s how a home at Aviva Communities Officer can help you solve the problem:

• Aviva’s affordable new homes are priced from $389,000. With average home prices in Officer and surrounds ranging from $555,000 to $675,000, you can put over $166,000 aside for your future

• Because you are buying into a land lease community you don’t have to dish out costly Stamp Duty on your purchase.

• Because you own your home but lease the land on which it sits you pay no council rates and most people also find they can access government rental assistance as a further financial bonus.

• Because household energy costs are included as a benefit of living in the community you no longer have to worry about rising energy bills (* subject to a fair use policy)

• Your home comes with access to The Lodge with gym, pool and spa, bowling green, sauna and more – all with no joining or monthly fees

• You have access to a telecommunications package that offers you unlimited phone, mobile and internet from $75 per month

• Because you live in a secure community you can save hundreds of dollars through our homeowner insurance policies

Katrina Steel Head of Marketing at Aviva Communities says that the whole Aviva Communities model has been designed around a deep understanding of the everyday demands of retirement.

“People living on a fixed income want to know they can afford to live the way they want to live, not only now but into the future – at Aviva Officer we can provide that certainty”.

Aviva Communities Officer is located at 34 McMullen Road, Officer. If you would like to find out more about the lifestyle living community or take a look at a home whilst grabbing an information pack, staff are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If you would prefer to see us on the weekends call 1800 961 585.