Culltivate curves and arches

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020. Styled by Bree Leech. Picture: Lisa Cohen

Curves and arches are set to add a soft touch to interior spaces this year.

The trend is being led by interior designers and architects wanting to add a feminine touch and echo mid century decorating themes.

Think furniture with round edges, circular windows, arches in hallways and entrances and even curved walls.

If you can’t afford big ticket items look for round cushions, mirrors, rugs and statement circular coffee tables to add a soft roundness to your home.

Curves and arches soften spaces that are otherwise are minimalist and functional.

This trend has been helped by advances in technology which allows architects to let their imaginations run free and challenge the structural norms.

French interior design blog Authentic Interiors says the trend first emerged at last year’s Milan Design Week.

“Arches in architecture and in furniture design give a sense of continuity and calmness,“ says interior design blogger Aida noting that rounded corners, bubble light fixtures and wavy design accessories were prevalent at Italy’s premier design showcase.

“This can be summarised in one word – the 70s. Shapes and materials used during the 70s are timeless, natural and durable for the years to come.“

Aida’s interior design tip is to use several soft, curvy lines in modern homes to soften sharp edges and sleek lines. For example, choose a sofa with curved design, use a rounded corners console or a bar or a round dining table with curved chairs.

“Possibilities to use curves and round shapes are endless, and if chosen well, can dramatically improve your interior.“

Kitchens are another area where softer edges can be introduced, think rounded handles, rounded light fittings and curved benches.

Arches have a long architectural history appearing in styles including French Provincial, Spanish and Mediterranean, Gothic, Tudor and Art Deco.

According to the shape of an arch, and whether it is pointed, full, partially curved or flattened, will help identify the style.

If you want an internal arch to stand out highlight the architectural details by painting the walls in a contrasting colour. Add modern elements and pattern for that extra wow effect say the experts at houzz.

It is always important to seek professional advice from a qualified engineer if you are removing or changing and arch whether it is internal or external.