Bathed in luxury


Freestanding baths are making a renaissence as people look for luxury at home.

One way to get an instant wow factor combined with indulgent luxury is with a freestanding bath, be it modern or contemporary.

A freestanding bath is a stand alone bath, which sits either directly on the floor or is mounted on feet without being attached to a supporting wall.

They are usually more expensive than built-in bath tubs because they are more complext to build and have more intricate design elements.

Traditional freestanding baths have that period feel (think Lady Mary in Downton Abbey) and comprise either slipper baths or roll top baths.

Slipper baths have a recognisable shape, with one end higher than the other. The period feel is further enhanced by the supporting claw feet,

which add charm and a feel of yesteryear.

Roll top baths feature a curved roll or lip at the top of the bath and unlike the slipper bath both ends tend to be of equal height.

These baths work well in older style homes and can be complemented by heritage tiling, gilt mirrors and brass bathroom fittings.

In contrast, contemporary freestanding baths feature curves, smooth lines and a clean, minimalist design. They can turn a home bathroom into something akin to a luxury hotel or spa retreat.

There are three main issues to consider when thinking about installing a free-standing bath: weight, plumbing and cleaning.


Most modern baths are made of lightweight acrylic and also the joist structure within modern homes can support an increased load. However, weight may be an issue when purchasing a stone freestanding bath.

Plumbing and Waste

If you are completely remodelling your bathroom then consult a plumber for advice on plumbing needs for your freestanding bath. If you are renovating and the freestanding bath will replace a built-in bath careful consideration needs to be given to the plumbing, which will normally be sustantially different. With a freestanding bath installation, the waste system is housed below floor level.


Freestanding baths can also be harder to clean. Depending on their position, the space around a freestanding bath can become a pain to clean attracting cobwebs and general bathroom grime. One way to avoid this is to pisiton the bath with enough room to walk right around it. But if you love the look of a freestanding bath nothing will put you off fullfiling your luxury design dream.