Reconnect with colour in 2020

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 – Comeback palette. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen.

Colour and design trends for 2020 will reflect our desire to pause and reconnect with the essence of what matters most to us.

The demands on our time and attention have never been greater. Our devices buzz 24/7, alerting us to the arrival of new information, fresh deadlines and more pressure. Fake news jostles with the facts, making it hard to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t. We yearn to step away from our

screens and have more authentic, grounded experiences. At the same time, we’re increasingly environmentally conscious.

In response, design trends for 2020 will feature recycled materials, nature-inspired palettes, and furniture that blends old and new will come to the fore, signalling a more mindful approach to the curation of our living spaces.

“These colour trends are influenced by what’s happening in the world around us,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager.

“With more focus on mental health, the wellness movement continues to gain momentum, as does an emphasis on natural materiality.

“Colours for 2020 are more restrained than in previous years. Brights are pulled back and influenced by nature. They appear in smaller doses – think feature walls and details – and are often used tonally as a backdrop for hero furniture pieces.

“Neutrals are soft and sophisticated, with a gently faded feel that speaks of stillness and calm. Clay, with its warm, earthy appeal, is emerging as a key neutral.”

With life pulling us in different directions, we look to our home as somewhere to recharge our energy and fuel our creative thinking. Popular in 2020 will be rich oceanic and mineral shades of blue-green,

azure and amber, highlighted with warm tones of burgundy, rust and clay. Accents of black add gravitas.

Lucena-Orr says these colours are an “ideal backdrop to combine furniture from different eras – from mid-century through to the 80s – in elegant and refined shapes“.

Where luxury was once associated with a hefty price tag, it now conveys a sense of craftsmanship, longevity and understated beauty, reflecting a shift in our values. As we seek to simplify our lives, a ‘less is more approach’ permeates everything we do.

We are turning away from cheap, mass-produced pieces and seeking out quality designs made from honest materials. Interior spaces are pared-back and uncomplicated, with furniture in natural materials such as honeyed timbers, pale leather and linen.

She says nature is no longer an afterthought in home design.

“We’re increasingly aware of the positive effects of nature on our mental and physical health and seek new and innovative ways to bring it inside, whether it’s growing our own food or creating lush displays of indoor plants.“

Lucena-Orr recommends a serene layering of greens – from soft olive and a pistachio to

verdant forest green – with accents of plum, curd and chalky blue adding an unexpected edge.

She says “these colours are easy to work with and have a warmth that really conveys the essence of ‘home’.

“They look beautiful paired with raw, mid-tone timbers, natural stone and transparent, coloured glass.”

With jam-packed schedules leaving little room for fun, we look to create spaces that act as theatres for the soul, keeping our dreams of adventure alive. Imagine a decadent and luxurious palette featuring rich burgundy, eggplant, earthy brown, faded terracotta and soft coral.

Styling makes a nod to the past, with nostalgic touches of 70s disco and art deco.

“Pink, a key colour of the last few years, makes an appearance, but in a more neutral tone that’s closer to tan, alongside a warm,dusty rose.

“Trends can be a useful roadmap when choosing colours, but it’s those little touches of the unexpected that give your home personality,” says Lucena-Orr.

For something more fun, think fashionable brights such as 70s-inspired fuchsia, primary blue, orange-red and acid yellow – that can be combined with any of the other 2020 colour trends to

create a unique look.

“Use them however you like – on a wall, front door or in a nook – to really make the space your own.”

There’s no more effective way to bring your home up to date than with paint colours.

“Once you’ve lived with colour, you will never want to return to a blank canvas,” says Lucena-Orr.

“Paint is fast, fun, and affordable. Best of all, you can easily switch things up if you want to try something new and there’s nothing more satisfying than the end result.”

– Article courtesy of Dulux