Take a layered approach


Choosing the right colour scheme for your new build is exciting but as first home buyer Belinda Menzies knows it can also be quite daunting.

The most common concerns are: what happens if it dates? Are we making the right choices? Where do we start? How do we get maximum results?

There are a number of ways you can get assistance in the lead up to your colour selection appointment. The larger builders will have selection or design centre to help you get your head around the process and the types of products they work with.

Alternatively, you can sit down with an external colour consultant. This will give you a great opportunity to discuss openly what to expect, any concerns and, most importantly, start you on the right path to your colour selection.

Things to consider are where are the important rooms in the home? Do you have a vision for these spaces and what type of budget are you working with?

It is the job of the designer to keep you on track so have faith that they will look after you.

When I build a space I take the following steps:


Ask yourself is the main flooring going to be timber, tiles or carpet? Are you planning on putting other timber textures through the home? If so what type of timber and will it tie in or look displaced?

Your flooring will set the scene and mood of your home so be sure to give it careful thought. If you are providing your own flooring bring your samples along to the selection appointment as it helps to visualise everything together.


Cabinetry will sit on top of your flooring whether it be in the kitchen, laundry or bathrooms.

A lot of people will want a timber tone or texture in their cabinetry so it’s important to ensure that they sit well with the flooring.

Also consider the grain pattern, is it vertical or horizontal?

If you like clean whites then your flooring choices won’t impact too much and will open up your options for benchtops, splashbacks etc. Two-toned cabinetry and deep or pastel colours are starting to trend again giving a bold dramatic option for those prepared to be a bit more daring.


Tiles can be used as spectacular statement pieces or to compliment the surrounding selections e.g. benchtop, cabinetry etc.

For ensuite and bathrooms my advice is work off the floor tile and use those colours and tone to select what you place on the walls.

Have a good think about how you want you spaces to look and what type of finish and style you like.


Feature walls, architraves and skirtings usually change as you progress in your selections, influenced by the colours and undertones of the surrounding materials so I find it easier to match as you go.

Personally, I’m a sucker for consistency in homes so usually I like to keep the colour scheme running throughout. Besides, if you get the base selections right you can add personality into it as you grow into the home and then work out from there where you can be adventurous.

Good luck!

– Belinda has her own interior design business Raw Elegance Co

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