Seven tips for selling your house this spring


Traditionally, spring is the best time to sell houses. Obrien Real Estate Pakenham has seven simple tips to ensure your home is sold for the best price in the shortest time.

1. Get the price right

A qualified agent will determine the price of your home based on various factors like market conditions, state of the home, and value of other properties in the area. Ultimately, the more accurate and reasonable the price you can place on your home, the more likely your home will sell in a reasonable time frame.

2. Improve the property’s street appeal

The exterior of your property is very important. To attract potential buyers, your home must look good, even from the outside. Many people will see your home first by driving by or on the internet, so if it’s an eyesore from afar, they won’t bother taking a closer look – much less come inside!

3. Presentation is key

When presenting your home for sale it is important to make it feel comfortable and inviting.

This can be achieved by making sure your home smells nice (use room spray or candles), displaying fresh flowers, turning lights on and opening window shades to allow natural light. Clean and tidy rooms with fresh neat linen and towels will also make a world of difference.

If the budget allows, staging your home professionally can not only help sell your home faster but it can also see you achieve a huge return on the investment by highlighting the best features of your home.

4. Professional photography

Most people are quick to make impressions based on what they see, so you need to make sure that the photos and videos show your property in its best light.

Showcasing what’s special about your home increases your chances of appealing to your buyers on a deeper level – and pulling on their heartstrings!

5. Comprehensive advertising

These days everyone is using the internet to research property. If you want to sell your house, then you need to advertise online. If you aren’t online you are missing out on a huge pool of serious buyers.

The internet is a quick and affordable way to get your property out there. While there are a couple of sites drive the majority of traffic, social media marketing is also a highly valuable source of marketing, as it directly targeting potential buyers who have viewed similar properties

6. Put a sign on your house

Studies have shown that after the internet, a sign out the front of your property is one of the best ways to drive buyers.

This is a traditional way of advertising but it definitely works! Everyone who will pass by your home will know the property is available.

7. Have open for inspections.

Having open for inspections lets your potential buyers see that other people are interested in your property. With competition from multiple buyers, you create a sense of urgency and a fear of loss from potential buyers. This works well for both private sale and auction as high interest creates high prices.

For more assistance with selling your home, the team at OBrien Real Estate Pakenham is ready to assist you with more ideas to help sell your home quickly. For more information, phone 5940 4044 or visit

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