Cath Stocks is the creative director of Framing To a T Framers and Designers. For this special first edition of New Homes and Land magazine, Cath shares her insights into how art can be used to personlise any home.

If you are thinking of building or buying a home or renovating an old or newer home you might like to consider investing in some beautiful art.
When it comes to designing your home, we have wonderful opportunities to choose from these beautifully designed homes on offer. Explore display homes so you have a clearer understanding of the design, size, layout, space and light and simply take your pick. From this you can individualise the interior spaces with colour, flooring, furniture, rugs, lights, window treatments, soft furnishings, and
the most important aspect the art.
The reason I believe an art piece is the most important aspect of your decorating is because in any good design, there is the need for a strong focal point. What better way to choose art as the main focal point in the room. From this art you can be inspired to bring in important design elements such as colour, texture, pattern and shape into the room.
If your budget permits an original art piece go for it, buy it. Choose something you love, a piece that sings, a piece that calls you, a piece you can’t stop thinking about. If original is not for you, there is a fabulous range currently on the market of limited edition prints, open edition prints and canvases framed and stretched to suit every budget.
If you feel you want to have a piece that is “on trend’, there is so much to choose from on the market, all genres are on trend and colours we are seeing are mostly soft blues, pinks and a splash of yellow this spring/summer but as I have suggested it is more about how the content and colour makes you feel.
Decorate with one large piece or several smaller pieces and group the pieces on the wall. If you choose to create a grouping there are a few options for arranging the artworks. You can have each piece framed in the same frame and the same size. This would give the impression of a more solid arrangement so the visual effect is more like one artwork. If you feel a little more confident and relaxed with your art you could choose a mix of mediums, sizes, shapes and frames for a more eclectic design.
Either style of groupings can be centred when hanging, or if you prefer a more symmetrical effect, line up the tops of the frames or the bottoms for a tidier, more formal look. If the idea of hanging this group is daunting, call on a professional installer to hang these pieces, as it’s well worth the investment to have your artwork hung by an expert.
You may already have a favourite painting, a family portrait or a collection of keepsakes you absolutely love. You may feel the pressure to have everything new and modern in your new home or renovation but you can’t quite part with these favourite pieces and you understand they don’t really “work” in your new surroundings.
I suggest if these pieces mean something to you: if you have an attachment because they were a gift, or it was a piece you purchased on a special holiday, or you have had it in the family forever and you haven’t the heart to part with it, then- Keep it, hang it, enjoy it. I would like to suggest though before you do this, to bring it in to us for re-framing. It is amazing what new stylish framing can do to a piece that may look old and outdated.
Try not to focus on the value of the art when making the decision to keep and or buy new and or reframe. The idea of this special art piece along with the creation of the focal point and the inspiration it will give you to decorate the rest of the room, is that it makes you feel wonderful, warm, and happy to be home. A special story, attachment and meaning to an art piece you love, is priceless.
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